Research & Evaluation Core

This Core leads an assessment of the D&I capability of the Innovation Projects; collects standardized, harmonized D&I data across projects, and capitalizes on combined data for higher-impact analyses and modeling. The Core also is conducting five rapid-turnaround research projects to address implementation barriers, and a formative evaluation of the overall HD2A Program.


C. Hendricks Brown

C. Hendricks Brown, PhD

Northwestern University

Headshot photo of Beth McGinty

Beth McGinty, PhD

Weill Cornell Medicine

Core Faculty

Lawrence A. Palinkas

Larry Palinkas, PhD

Core Faculty
University of California, San Diego

JD Smith

JD Smith, PhD

Core Faculty
University of Utah

Headshot photo of Lisa Saldana

Lisa Saldana, PhD

Core Faculty
Chestnut Health Systems

Headshot photo of Wouter Vermeer

Wouter Vermeer, PhD

Core Faculty
Northwestern University

Headshot photo of Joe Glass

Joe Glass, PhD

Core Faculty
Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute

Consulting Faculty

Brendan Saloner, PhD

Johns Hopkins University

Gregory Aarons, PhD

University of California-San Diego

Keith Humphreys, PhD

Stanford University

Laura Damschroder, MS, MPH

Veterans Affairs

Daniel Almirall, PhD

University of Michigan

Margarita Alegria, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital