Data Infrastructure Support Center (DISC)

The HD2A Data Infrastructure Support Center (DISC) provides centralized support, resources, and coordination of all data-related needs for the HD2A Innovation and Acceleration Projects. Ultimately, this requires meeting investigators where they are in their process of improving the timeliness and usefulness of data and building capacity for using data to select, deploy, and monitor the impact of evidence-based services to address OUD and pain. The DISC develops an in-depth understanding of the HD2A Innovation and Acceleration Projects selected for funding and identifies and provides individual and cross-project data-related support needed to successfully carry out the Innovation and Acceleration Projects. Supports are available in areas such as data visualization, data standards, data capture, data use agreements, data sharing plans, data privacy and confidentiality, and interoperability. The DISC is a liaison to the HEAL Data Ecosystem and supports Rapid Data Infrastructure Modernization Projects with the Innovation and Acceleration Projects. Click here to learn about previously funded Rapid DIMS projects.

DISC - Meredith Adams

Meredith Adams, MD, MS, FASA, FAMIA

Wake Forest University