C-DIAS, the Center for Dissemination and Implementation at Stanford: A New NIDA P50 Center of Excellence

September 27, 2022

Mark McGovern, PhD and Helene Chokron Garneau, PhD, MPH
Stanford University School of Medicine

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This presentation will introduce the new Center for Dissemination and Implementation At Stanford (C-DIAS), a NIDA P50 Center of Excellence. C-DIAS’ overarching mission is to expand equitable access to the most effective treatments available for addiction. It unites experts from implementation science and addiction treatment services research, and hosts three innovative, synergistic research projects at the PREPARATION, IMPLEMENTATION and SUSTAINMENT phases of the implementation process. In addition, C-DIAS aims to increase the expert capacity of D&I science in addiction, and will offer a stratified range of education, training and mentoring opportunities based on need. Audience will learn how to access C-DIAS open resources and programs, and understand how research findings can be integrated across the 3 C-DIAS research projects, as well as other D&I investigations with an addiction content focus.